Detoxing Through Everyday Diet

Our livers have to put up with a lot in this world. Some of the functions of this organ include: 1) metabolizing (altering in some way) proteins, carbohydrates and fats from our food; 2) producing cholesterol (which is then used in bile acids and fat digestion); and 3) producing proteins necessary for blood clotting and fluid balance in the body. But the toughest job this organ may be responsible for is detoxification: this means alcohol, pesticides, herbicides, air pollutants, anything that is toxic to our cells. Foods for the liver can therefore benefit anyone, although those with a liver disease will benefit more profoundly. Since pesticides and herbicides are toxins that increase the liver’s workload, eating organic foods will be a significant help. The cost is often somewhat higher but the nutrition count is also higher, as is the benefit to the body. So whether it is a food or herb listed, always think organic first, and you’ll already be on the way to easing the load on your liver.

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