Corporate Lunch N Learns

Care for your Employees and they will care about your Business

1. Building the immune system; Fighting the Winter Bugs
Building your immune system & what to do if you get sick

2. Improving work place; lighting, chairs, desks, snacks, lunch room.
Discovering how to make simple changes in the workplace.

3. Stress management; Can Stress Really Kill You?
Yes it can, reducing stress level at home & work.

4. Are your emotions affecting your work?
Toxic, negative or unhappy emotions can be affecting your health

5. This is your brain on chemicals.
Chemical; environmental, food, medication & water all have serious effects on the brain.

6. 15 ways to achieve a prosperous life
Wealth of happiness, flourish in joy, success in relationships, good fortune in spiritual blessings

7. What’s up with the gut?
The gut is the central part of the immune system and regulates so much of our health, if it isn’t happy no one is happy!

8. Positive relations in the work place
Holding grudges against a co-workers or a boss is like you drinking poison and hoping they die as a result.

9. Your career; like it, love it or leave it.
Having a positive or negative attitude in the workplace can affect the entire team. Make the decision to like it or leave it.

10. How your adrenal health can affect your job.
Adrenal fatigue affects about 80% of all people! Chronic stress and lifestyle affects the body’s ability to recuperate from physical, mental or emotional stress.

11. Gluten Free- what is it all about?
Is it a fad diet or is there really something to it? Should you be Gluten Free?

12. Stress of parenting and working full time
Finding a balance between work & home is the key to less stress and more happiness.