31 Day Spring Cleanse

No gimmicks, No products to buy, No company to join, Just a WHOLE FOOD CLEANSE
Support and guidance from a certified Health Coach
Great kick off to shed the winter pounds and get ready for summer

Why Cleanse and Detoxify?

Over the past 100 years, our environment has exploded in toxicity. Chemical pollution, nuclear pollution, chlorinated and fluoridated water, machine pollution, silver/mercury fillings, electromagnetic pollution, etc. Carcinogens and even prescription drugs are spilling into our drinking water every day. More importantly, our food supply has become largely junk! 45% of our diets come from processed foods and fast foods. Toxins and additives confuse your body. Your body sees all of these toxins as the enemy and causes an inflammatory response. Inflammation is the basis for all disease. Lower your inflammation and you lower your risk factor for ALL disease!

Truthfully, everyone is toxic. If you have any of the following symptoms, these may be caused by toxins in your body:
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Hormone imbalance
• Joint pain
• Headaches
• Weight loss resistance
• Digestive disorders
• Mood problems
• Diabetes
• Brain fog
• Fertility problems
• Skin problems
• Accelerated aging
• Excessive sinus problems

Starting Dates: March 25th kick off call, start March 30th OR
April 22nd kick off call, start April 27th

Cleanse Program includes:
3 Part Cleanse- 7 days – 12 days – 12 days

4 group calls:
Kick off phone call-Introduction to cleanse and receive cleanse program
Coaching call after 7 days
Coaching call after 20 days
Coaching call at end of cleanse

Facebook support page or private email

Group Cleanse-$50 email copy of cleanse
Individual Cleanse-$150 Bound copy of cleanse, lemon essential oil, body brush & private calls
Past paying participant to join new group-Free
Current Client in 6 month program-Free


31 Day Cleanse