Live Like the Rich & Famous-Hire a Coach!

Who Hires A Coach?
You should hire a coach!

Sports figures, businessmen, students, people looking for a career change, people who want to be fit, those who are struggling in life, public speakers, people wanting to improve their finances, people wanting to act or sing for a living, those who need help in relationships, people who wants to improve health & wellness in their life, all hire a coach. All these people want to succeed and deserve to succeed. A coach will teach them skill for success. The world is full of coaches helping people improve their talents, personal lives and business lives. By coaching then holding the client accountable for their actions. Coaches provide a unique relationship specifically geared towards helping you meet your personal goals. You don’t have to be a sports figure or a high paid executive to hire a coach. You should hire a coach.
I recently hired a fitness coach. I am taking a class with 4-6 other people with a personal trainer, this helps keeps the costs down. I have hired a private public speaking coach to help me branch off into the public speaking world. Coaches are for support and encouragement not ridicule or belittling.

If you have, tried to lose weight, change your eating habits, have health issues, or want live a healthier lifestyle and have done great for a while then fallen off track, gone back to old habits, or don’t know where to start, you need a Nutritional Health Coach! The money you save with eating better & less medical expenses will offset the cost of a Health Coach. If you don’t think you can afford it then think about a group class similar to my gym class. Find approximately 6 people who are in a similar situation and join as a group.

Studies show people who want to be successful hire a coach. What are you waiting for? Call Pam Mills today and she will coach you into a new life of health & wellness.

Pam Mills, INHC

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Individual Coaching includes:
6 month commitment; 12 personal visits or calls
Email, texting & phone support in between
A guided program to insure your success for health and wellness.

Group Coaching includes: Minimum of 6 people
3 month commitment; 6 group calls, 2 a month
Facebook support Page; a peer partner; private email questions or concerns.
A guided program to insure your success for health and wellness.